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Public Liability Insurance will protect you if a member of the public is injured or suffers damage to his goods or property and claims against you.



Service or Sales Indemnity

Extends the Public Liability policy to include injuries or damage as a result of a defect in a vehicle caused by you or your employees. It does not cover the defect - just the damage arising from the accident it causes.

Employers Liability Insurance

Required by law if you employ anyone and covers you if they are injured and make a claim against you.

Legal requirments

Only Employers Liability Insurance is legally required - and you must have it if you employ anyone - whether they are full time or part time - even if they are casual drivers who are only employed when needed. The law requires that you have £5,000,000 of cover, but most insurers supply £10,000,000 as standard. Unfortunately it is impossible to buy Employers Liability Insurance on it's own and it has to be added to a Public Liability policy.

Public Liability is the cover all motor traders should have. The last few years has seen a huge awareness of the rights people have to make a claim. If they get injured, suffer a major loss or just trip over walking past where you are working a claim is bound to follow. Even if it is not your fault and eventually you are proved to be innocent, the costs involved in defending the action would put many small businesses into bankrupcy.

How much does a Motor Trade Liability Insurance Policy cost?

If you are working on your own, as a mechanic or valeter or car salesman, have had a minimum of one years trading already and have had no claims, £1,000,000 Public Liability cover can normally be obtained for £151.75.

In your first year of trading the cost of cover on it's own can be much more, so we suggest you consider placing your road risks insurance with the same underwriter. Not only can the motor trade cover be cheaper and much wider, but also the Liability Insurance will then probably cost £215.50 for £5,000,000 cover.

It is not normally possible to buy Employers Liability on it's own - it must be added to a Public Liability policy and the cost of a policy providing Public Liability and Employers Liability for a proprietor and an employee starts at around £285.00.

These figures are accurate as at October 2009 but are subject to change at any time so please get in touch for an precise quotation.

An arrangment fee (normally £30.00) will be added to each of the above figures


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