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Mechanic Insurance


Mechanics Insurance


Why do mechanics need a full motor trade policy?

They do not normally. They need a policy that will cover them to drive their own van - and to drive all customers cars. A Motor trade policy is designed for traders who buy and sell cars and can own dozens of diffrent vehicles - a much greater risk than a mechanic.

The policy we recommend is designed for mechanics working from garage or workshop premises as well as Mobile Mechanics and similar trades. It can be much cheaper than a full Traders policy.

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Mechanics - Aged 21 - 24 

Motor Trade policies for 21 year old mechanics

We can provide motor trade cover for mechanics from the age of 21 who are running their own business. If you are a new business and a driver under 25 we may need a Business plan which we can show the underwriters.

Young drivers - 21 and 22

We would love to be able to help all young entrepreneurs who wish to start their own businesses - but we can't. To save you taking time to fill in the form when we are not able to help please be aware:

We cannot help if:

1. You are not running your own business on your own. You cannot just be self employed but working full time for another garage or family member.

2. You are buying and selling cars. You must not be buying and selling cars - or intend to change your own more than once during the year.

3. You do not have a suitable vehicle. You must have a vehicle that the policy can be based on - ideally this should be a small van - up to 2500cc - but could also be a small sensible saloon or estate suitable to be used for the purpose of carrying tools.

4. You and other drivers must have held a full UK licence for 2 years.

You should be aware that premiums range from approximately £800 to £2000 depending on your area and your No Claims Bonus entitlement.

Motor Trade Public Liability Insurance For Mechanics

Added to that we can provide Motor Trade Public Liability insurance including Service Indemnity with an Indemnity Limit of £5,000,000 for around £226.00. Please call us 01420 594244 for a quotation or click on the Quote Form button below for a Public Liability quotation form.


Motor Trade Insurance

 Liability Cover


Public and employers liability insurance.

Click here for details. Call us on 01256 883989 for a motor trade insurance liability cover quotation or click here for a motor trade insurance liability cover quote form.

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